Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a common complaint in most chiropractic practices.

Shoulder pain can be referred from the lower cervical spine and commonly a poorly functioning neck will weaken the muscles around the shoulder and lead to secondary injuries in the shoulder itself.

Other times a shoulder injury will affect neck function.

A thorough assessment of both structures is necessary for effective treatment of your shoulder pain.

Postural problems will lead to abnormal stress on the shoulder joints.

Stiffness in the thoracic spine will cause poor mechanics in the shoulder especially in overhead movements.

Poor stability and a weak rotator cuff will cause accumulative stress and injuries over time.

The shoulder needs to have good mobility.

This also requires a high degree of muscular stability. Muscle imbalance or mobility problems will lead to shoulder impingements, bursitis, tears, frozen shoulder and many other. The shoulder is also very exposed to injuries in athletes with dislocations, subluxations, sprain/strains and muscle tears.

We aim to investigate and find the cause of your pain and correct the underlying dysfunction through adjustments, soft tissue treatment and rehabilitation for effective recovery. If you are ready to see how Afferentation Chiropractic can help with your shoulder pain, make an appointment today.


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